Teachers Say Message For You

Teachers Say Message For You
The ability of a teacher even able to change the world and the country if properly maximized, Guru who has duties and functions to educate and teach true but sometimes it weighs very heavy task iknum only a handful of teachers who have them.
Of the administrative class, the learning, the correction value of the student, structuring and counseling to students is also the task of the teacher, but the civil authorities state that this one also has kesibukkan on other things that the data online education.
Maximizing teacher performance was incredible, but unfortunately not comparable with dimiliknya welfare, teachers preoccupied with the administration in order to get benefits.
Teachers also the one who is always so patokkan progress and setback human resources, actually felt a heavy weight but again the extent of the government's attention.
Seems still far from the actual fire, but this is the reality for a teacher, education dogged by problems, not to mention we're talking quality of teachers is increasing. whereas government programs has always spur teachers to continuously improve their competence.
This article only as a reference for fellow teacher, do not be discouraged and was the best teacher, and may be useful for us all.

Me as a writer is also a teacher but learning is what remains relentless and we must do, regards education

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